Maxie McCoy

Do your friends ever sorta suck?

I’ve been a crap friend before. I’ve handled the end of a friendship with less grace than I’d like. I’ve gotten jealous. I’ve been too busy to really be there. I’ve avoided hard conversations in fear of getting it wrong. I’ve put my foot in my mouth. I’ve been careless. I’ve been defensive. Because I’m a human. AND, I’ve learned...
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How to be happy with what you have

Making it was once described to me as chasing a carrot, dangling forever a foot away from your face. You’ll never grasp it. But you’ll sacrifice everything in the present moment to get to it, and yet you never will. I often think of achievement from that vantage point. It’s like an ever-evaporating horizon line that always seems to be...
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What makes your life rich?

Experiencing loss comes in many different forms. When you have something that matters to you deeply and you lose it, there’s a hole. It’s an emptiness that feels like someone came and hollowed out the sole of your shoes. You might be standing in the exact same place looking at the exact same vistas, but it just feels different. And...
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Considerations for when “nothing’s working.”

Nothing is working. Like literally nothing. This was me. This has been me. In this lovely spring season, my life feels like it’s anything but blossoming (yet). Rather, I’m in the thin veil of change that exists between fall and winter. Between letting go and hunkering down. The time when what’s alive becomes barren which exposes its might. The seasons...
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It’s not your problem

How many problems do you make your problem? Because helloooo, you’re strong and powerful and resourceful and smart and able and…You can save them the pain of learning it the hard way. You can fix this. You can get them to the realization quicker. If they’d just listen to you it’d all get better. You can helpppppp. You can if...
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Do you doubt yourself?

I’ve been having a lot of conversation lately about doubt. The doubt we feel about what’s next. The doubt we feel about our ability to make our dreams come true. The doubt we feel about figuring this wild thing called life out. As the facilitator of these conversations, I see just how much it weighs us down. There are these...
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