Maxie McCoy

4 Tiny Changes for a Happier Year + (Announcement!!)

Everything we’re surrounded by basically screams the same thing: MAKE IT BIG, HUGE, BIGGER. Like our achievements, our success, our life, our ‘squad’, our vision, our perspective…we’re told that it all needs to be big.  As I was going through my gratitude journal from 2020 (what a KEEPER ha), I was reminded of what I know to be true: that what we’re...
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4 Lessons for How to Keep Going

There’s no denying that 2020 has taken an emotional toll on women. When I think about the mothers, the front line workers, the single women living alone in a lockdown, or the caretakers, …it will stop me in my tracks. The burden has felt impossible at times. And it’s showing up in the numbers: Mckinsey & Lean In reported that...
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