Maxie McCoy

Quit playing this down, will you?

I’m not sure what your relationship to confidence looks like these days, but I’m praying it’s a whole lot of the “Actually, I do” variety. Gone are the days of demure, of shying away from things that you already know about yourself: that you’re f*cking amazing, that you’re entirely killing it, that you deserve everything you have and even more...
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Choose your nervous system wisely 

We’re always in a state of understanding what’s in our environment, internally and externally, and acting accordingly. Detect and respond. Detect and respond. Detect and respond. From the outside in and the inside out.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the role people play in our ability to feel connected to healthy systems of joy, creativity, love, and fulfillment. It’s...
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How to be in love with your life 

There’s an infinite amount of possibilities to wish for – more this, more that, more of this but with a little of that. More like them but less like those people. Desires are unique to us, yet not novel at all. If you listen to someone detail what they dream for – like really listen – it orbits around versions...
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A different formula for forgiveness 

If you’ve ever hurt deeply, the capacity for that pain to linger far beyond the event which caused it practically escapes logic. Our hearts get stuck, whether consciously or not, at that moment in time. Unless we sit down to examine. To understand. To release. And ultimately, to forgive.  One of the more alchemical chapters of my life occurred while...
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The unknown has never let me down

I don’t believe that the mother of all fear is anything specific like death or disease. I think the real mother of all fears is the unknown. I’ve been examining my relationship with it lately, and wow. What a treat. If you’ve ever heard of the status quo bias, you probably know this already…but it’s worth repeating. More people will...
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I don’t normally get this personal

I’m surprised by this, too. I didn’t think anything could get weirder than 2020. There’s some curveballs you can never see coming, but rarely is there one every one of the 8 billion people on the globe experience in unison. Nothing more needs to be said (from me especially) about what last year was like. Who knew something so global...
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Feeling fried has an upside

Burned out. Totally fried. Shot out. Nothing left to give. Running on empty. What’s the point.Do I have to. I don’t even know anymore. This is the soundtrack of busy-induced burnout. I was here once, but I’m not here right now. I’m not that busy. My schedule is not jam packed. I’m not back to back. And I’m definitely not...
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