Maxie McCoy

Urgent: Calling all queen makers

A few weeks ago, a meteor hit our lands. As big and as far and as wide as the eye can see, everything changed when women lost the constitutional right to abortion. Losing the choice over our reproductive freedom incurs a debt we don’t owe that somehow we’re still forced to pay back our entire lives. A ripple effect through...
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The beauty of being unsure

You can be confident and hesitant. Focused and questioning. Bold and doubtful. Committed without a hint of knowing. Being certain doesn’t, and I’d argue shouldn’t, have to be a defining quality in those that do big things, those that live their purpose, people who dare to put their heart on the line. You can do the extraordinary while clutching doubt....
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If you’re having a rough day

Why are some days shittier than others? Probably because you’re tired, dehydrated, and overwhelmed. And also because some days just suck. Some weeks are brutal. The difficulty you’re feeling doesn’t have to be reflected by the heaviness of the event. Whatever you feel, you feel. It’s OK if you’re having a rough day. Or week. Or year. Or chapter. You...
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Quit playing this down, will you?

I’m not sure what your relationship to confidence looks like these days, but I’m praying it’s a whole lot of the “Actually, I do” variety. Gone are the days of demure, of shying away from things that you already know about yourself: that you’re f*cking amazing, that you’re entirely killing it, that you deserve everything you have and even more...
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Choose your nervous system wisely 

We’re always in a state of understanding what’s in our environment, internally and externally, and acting accordingly. Detect and respond. Detect and respond. Detect and respond. From the outside in and the inside out.  I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the role people play in our ability to feel connected to healthy systems of joy, creativity, love, and fulfillment. It’s...
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How to be in love with your life 

There’s an infinite amount of possibilities to wish for – more this, more that, more of this but with a little of that. More like them but less like those people. Desires are unique to us, yet not novel at all. If you listen to someone detail what they dream for – like really listen – it orbits around versions...
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