Maxie McCoy

Feeling fried has an upside

Burned out. Totally fried. Shot out. Nothing left to give. Running on empty. What’s the point.Do I have to. I don’t even know anymore. This is the soundtrack of busy-induced burnout. I was here once, but I’m not here right now. I’m not that busy. My schedule is not jam packed. I’m not back to back. And I’m definitely not...
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Should you strive for “nothing special”?

What happens when you stop striving to be a standout? Do you disappear? Do you suddenly become worthless? Or worse, mediocre? What happens if you don’t end up doing anything special? Because even if you do, someone will always have done more than you. They’ll have made more, created more, accomplished more. They’ll have better families. More beauty. Better trips. And...
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How to let a decision come slowly

I’ve always valued decisiveness. Looking for the quality in myself, I tend to lack self-compassion for when I “don’t know what to do.” Looking for it in others, loved ones who are indecisive stand in juxtaposition to the answer that seems so clear to me. Not deciding means that we’re just not there yet. And it also normally means that...
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Are you a conversational narcissist?

When was the last time you felt really seen in a conversation with someone? It’s the best feeling. It’s like you belong there, with them. You have deep support that doesn’t have to be described, because it’s palpable. The beauty of these gatherings – whether it’s on the phone with your best girlfriend, a family member or your partner –...
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Ways I’ve gone VERY OFFLINE…maybe forever?

How is it possible to spend so many hours on your phone? Doom scrolling the internet…double tapping every photo in your feed (even though you don’t even care for the person or the photo that you just liked)…going from phone to computer back to phone in the span of three minutes…walking through the door staring at a glowing rectangular orb...
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Do your friends ever sorta suck?

I’ve been a crap friend before. I’ve handled the end of a friendship with less grace than I’d like. I’ve gotten jealous. I’ve been too busy to really be there. I’ve avoided hard conversations in fear of getting it wrong. I’ve put my foot in my mouth. I’ve been careless. I’ve been defensive. Because I’m a human. AND, I’ve learned...
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How to be happy with what you have

Making it was once described to me as chasing a carrot, dangling forever a foot away from your face. You’ll never grasp it. But you’ll sacrifice everything in the present moment to get to it, and yet you never will. I often think of achievement from that vantage point. It’s like an ever-evaporating horizon line that always seems to be...
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