Maxie McCoy

What will you take with you?

It feels too early to think about next year. It also feels impossible to experience any more of this year than we already have. And yet, I’ve found myself contemplating what’s worth taking with me, and what I absolutely need to leave behind. It’s hard to do that without knowing what happened this year to begin with. Am I the...
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Where to find joy

Joy has been hard to come by. It’s felt just out of reach. Some weeks it’s been hiding in a deep cave guarded by all of my worst fears. Other days it feels like it’s there but when I go to reach for it, it’s gone as quickly as it appeared. And in moments, brief moments, joy is sitting at...
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Big opinions on being called ‘needy’

Why the f*ck do we call women ‘needy’? I get so fired up when I hear someone describe a person that way. Partially, because for so long I’ve feared being described as needy in the same way I feared being called fat. Women get described as needy because the world wants women to take up as little space as possible:...
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But seriously…Why not you?

Do you ever do this super weird thing whenever you start to dream…of a better future…of a more hopeful ending…of possibilities that could be real for your life….Which is to cut your dreaming off and immediately follow the idea with BUT…. But someone is already doing it better.But I don’t have what it takes.But people would judge me.But I don’t...
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