Maxie McCoy

It’s not your problem

How many problems do you make your problem? Because helloooo, you’re strong and powerful and resourceful and smart and able and…You can save them the pain of learning it the hard way. You can fix this. You can get them to the realization quicker. If they’d just listen to you it’d all get better. You can helpppppp. You can if...
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Do you doubt yourself?

I’ve been having a lot of conversation lately about doubt. The doubt we feel about what’s next. The doubt we feel about our ability to make our dreams come true. The doubt we feel about figuring this wild thing called life out. As the facilitator of these conversations, I see just how much it weighs us down. There are these...
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4 Tiny Changes for a Happier Year + (Announcement!!)

Everything we’re surrounded by basically screams the same thing: MAKE IT BIG, HUGE, BIGGER. Like our achievements, our success, our life, our ‘squad’, our vision, our perspective…we’re told that it all needs to be big.  As I was going through my gratitude journal from 2020 (what a KEEPER ha), I was reminded of what I know to be true: that what we’re...
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