Maxie McCoy

Are you barely getting by? Thoughts + a worksheet to help.

I cried three separate times in a 24-hour period last week. About three separate issues. Related to three separate people. Snotty, hands-over-the-face, melt downs. Anytime someone asked how I was at the beginning of a call or meeting, I responded with a half-smile, “Hanging in there.” But what I really meant was…I’m barely getting by. The physical well-being of so...
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Does your vision of success depend on expansion?

You’ll experience a million transition points in your life. Some will be amazing celebrations that usher you into the stage you’ve been dreaming of. Others will be wrought with pressure and discomfort as you experience the unknown that’s guaranteed anytime you’re in something new. Graduating, promotions, falling in love, launching a business, becoming a mother, waking up to your spirit,...
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How to get what you want (faster)

How did they do that?That seemed fast.Damn they’ve skyrocketed. Have you ever looked at somebody’s path to success and tried to reverse engineer it? I have. I’ll spend hours on Wikipedia, interviews and the internet in general to figure out how someone I admire got to where they did, and how quickly, and with what decisions or jumps. It’s fascinating...
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5 Pieces of Advice I’m Over Hearing and the Questions to Ask Instead

Advice isn’t always helpful. And it sure as hell isn’t neutral. But dang, do people love giving it. While there’s plenty of thoughtful and salient points out there, there’s also plenty of overused nuggets that aren’t given much thought. The intention is there, but without context and consideration, it’s a lazy way to look at life’s general challenges. What I...
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